Joins at: Chapter 1 Kanata's Route, Chapter 11 Rizelea's Route

Personal Info

Move AP Cost

Tri Uni Cross 8 AP

Tri Uni Square 8 AP

Tri Uni Triangle 14 AP

EX Skill

Fiery 9-Tails

100 Hits, Fire 80%

Tsubaki's super attack move. The Kotodama (language spirit) brings a tornado of fire to erase opposition.

Special Attacks

Moon Anticipator

Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Cross

7 Hits

Tsubaki's unique move. She combines her sorcerous force and fox spiritual power, then releases the energy.

Red Spider Lily

Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Triangle

6 Hits

Tsubaki's unique move. Her dance, resembling the Manjusaka (Red Spider Lily) will critically wound the enemy.

Wintry Camallia

Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Square

12 Hits

Tsubaki's unique move. The most ultimate secret skill of all. Her fierce and elaborate dance will decimate foes.

Special Abilities


Magic damage will always increase.

Sorceries of Yoma

INT and RES always increase.

Fox Spirit's Note

In the evening, your RES increases, and fire elemental attack damage will be amplified.

Oriental Beauty

When your HP is at maximum, the Image Gauge will fill faster and you'll recover more AP.

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