"We sell things to cheer you up! Stop by especially on Sunday! [List] Relief Grass Relief Kraut Blessing Leaf Blessing Nut We have a sale on Wednesday!"

Special Item Sales?:

Discount Days/Times: Wednesday

Home Object:


Name Price Sold on Discount Price Stock No.
Ordinary Kotodama 300 G
Safety Code 1,500 G


Name Price Sold on Discount Price Stock No.
Grass 300 G 225 G
Cure Grass 1,000 G 750 G
Cure Herb 5,000 G 3,750 G
Healing Plant 150 G 112 G
Refresh Herb 800 G 600 G
IM Rangers 400,000 G Sun Morning 1
IM Classic TV 400,000 G Sun Noon 1
IM Water Dragon 400,000 G Sun Evening 1
IM Star System 400,000 G Sun Night 1
Elixir 30,000 G Sunday 1
Blessing Leaf 3,000 G 2,250 G
Blessing Nut 5,000 G 3,750 G 5
Blessing Flower 10,000 G 7,500 G 1
EMT Set 2,000 G 1,500 G

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