Monster Level: 64

A bizarre school drifting around Empyria. It seems bleak and dilapidated.


Monster List, Baseball Bat, SFX Mana, Death Notebook, Sk. Train Key, Witch Compass, Marble Chalk, Shuriken Mana, etc.

Parent Dungeon: Space Academy

Monster Level: 64


Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Top-Notch Carrot

Boss: Bento Shrimp

Story Boss:

Lurker: Tough Teacher (L3)

Hunting Point Items: Shooting Star

Gravity Core Items:


Garuda, Sea Serpent, Ring Dragon, Devil's Pupil, Master Golem, Death Hornet, Wave Cannon

Floor Treasures

Silver Bar, Nail Bat, Marble Chalk, Eidolon Lantern, White Light Rock, Monster List, Witch's Compass, Death Notebook, Sk. Train Key, Fitness Pamphlet

Treasure Chests

Eidolon Lantern, Mysterious Orb, Flight Wing

Rare Items (Drift Only)

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