Monster Level: 25

A bizarre school drifting around Empyria. It smells kinda moldy.


Gravitous Smoke, Purified Smoke, Cursed Notebook, Auto Matter, Nerd's Notebook, Stuffty Mana, Mythril Ruler, etc.

Parent Dungeon: Space Academy

Monster Level: 25


Vending Machine:

Hidden Treasure: Wooden Sword

Boss: Domesticated Rabbit

Story Boss:

Lurker: Tough Teacher (L2)

Hunting Point Items: Cure: Comet

Gravity Core Items:


Fighting Bones, Mandrake, Minotaur, Micro Burst, Shadow Fenrir

Floor Treasures

Gravity Smoke, Cursed Notebook, Huge Protractor, Auto Matter, Milky Way Mana, Purifying Smoke, Fitness Pamphlet, Nerd's Notebook

Treasure Chests

Auto Matter, Devil Soul, Rose Quartz, Tricky Eraser

Rare Items (Drift Only)

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