Available During: Ch. 2 Rizelea's Route


★★★Event Dungeon★★★

Monster Level: 3

A path rumored as the fairy queen's creation. Many things drift here.


Herakles Seed, White Moonshade, Sky Wool, Cloud Stone, Lunarite Shard, Wheel of Light, etc.

Parent Dungeon: Hanging Garden

Monster Level: 3

Managraphic: Garuda

Vending Machine:

Hidden Treasure: Mega-Spicy Honey

Boss: Rune Guardian (Story)

Story Boss:


Hunting Point Items: Stungun; Inky Coating

Gravity Core Items:


Hornet, Killer Rabbit, Jaki, Lindworm, Kodama

Floor Treasures

Silver Ore, Unknown Herb, Morning Dewdrop, Regien Ore, Poison Needle, Glowing Stone, Wheel of Light, White Stone Cube, Lunarite Shard, Amethyst Bead, Crystal, Sky Sheep Wool, White Moonshade, Cloud Stone

Treasure Chests

Grass, Blessing Leaf, Lunarite Shard, Herakles Seed

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Shiny Hollow, Stardust Light, Moon Water, Monster Soul

Escape Reward:

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