Joins at: Chapter 11 Kanata's Route, Chapter 3 Rizelea's Route

Personal Info

An Angel-Trainee-turned-Fallen-Angel, Flonne is a character from the Disgaea series, by NIS. Despite being a Fallen Angel, she retains her personality as a "love freak" obsessed with love, justice, and other wholesome concepts. She has come to the Netheruniverse in pursuit of Etna and the Prinny squad, who stole one of her spaceships, the Mk III.

During the course of her pursuit, she joins up with the Valkyrie Rizelea to assist her in her quest.

Move AP Cost

Tri Uni Cross 8 AP

Tri Uni Square 8 AP

Tri Uni Triangle 14 AP

EX Skill

Light of Love

84 Hits, Light 80%

An attack of Flonne, by Flonne, for Flonne. It's indeed an unconditional love.

Special Attacks

Witch's Rap

Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Cross

5 Hits

Flonne's unique move. She'll exert the power of the Witch Girl and attack!

Angelic Wall

Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Triangle

11 Hit

Flonne's unique move. She delivers a blow that could purify even the most corrupted of demons.

Birthday of Love

Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross

7 Hits

Flonne's unique move. If you take this right in the face, you'll fall in love.

Special Abilities

Witch Girl

INT will always increase.

Pose of Victory!

When you have a lot of HP, light elemental attack damage will increase.

Love Aura

AP recovery will increase.


When your HP is at maximum, INT and RES will increase.

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