Parent Dungeon: Mk III

Monster Level: 57

Managraphic: Uni

Vending Machine: None

Hidden Treasure: Giga Cleaner

Boss: Interplanetary Viper

Story Boss:

Lurker: Ship Guardian (L3)

Hunting Point Items: Empathy, Lightning Insulator 2

Gravity Core Items:


Hammer Crab, Palm Lobster, PD-E1000, Devil's Pupil, Sea Serpent, Dryad

Floor Treasures

Heaven's Gate, Silver Bar, Eidolon Lantern, Cold Machine, Mysterious Orb, Gold Medallion, White Light Rock, Sweets Mana, Giant Tentacles, Steel Heart, Heatproof Sheet, Rose Emblem, Warp Key

Treasure Chests

Turning Bullet, Core Energy, Warp Key

Rare Items (Drift Only)

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