Parent Dungeon: Mk III

Monster Level: 29

Managraphic: Black Hole

Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Odd Yojiran

Boss: A.B.S. ω

Story Boss:

Lurker: Ship Guardian (L2)

Hunting Point Items: Cure: Galaxy, Starlight 2

Gravity Core Items: Sinners' Kotodama


Seasoned Orc, Knight Crawfish, Gunner, Minotaur, Shadow Fenrir, Dragoon

Floor Treasures

Metaphor, Heavy Barrel, Mythril Ore, Assault Barrel, Ship Engine Pass, Glass Mana, Energy Pack, Heat Pump, Heatproof Sheet, Science Crystal

Treasure Chests

Platinum Ore, Giles' Bullet, Bone Powder, Dragoon Bullet, Shrimp War Orb

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Odd Yojiran

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